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Women's Flap Pocket

The Flap Pocket on women's attire marries practicality with polished aesthetics, offering a functional detail that enhances the silhouette of suits and jackets without sacrificing style.
Water & Oil Repellent Suit Blazer


  • Driftwood Gray
  • Midnight Velvet
  • Pitch Black
Rayon Nylon Plain Suit Blazer


  • Pitch Black
Polyester Dobby Suit Blazer


  • Earthen Elegance
  • Slate Lavender
Cool Touch & Anti UV Suit Blazer with Brooch


  • Pale Silver
  • Blush Rose
  • Pitch Black

Flap Pockets in women's fashion are a nod to classic tailoring with a modern twist. They provide not just a place to tuck away small items but also add a structured element to blazers and coats, elevating professional outfits and formal wear with an air of meticulous craftsmanship.

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