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Men's Windsor/Cutaway Collar

The Windsor/Cutaway Collar distinguishes itself with a wide spread, making it the perfect match for the Windsor tie knot. Ideal for formal occasions, it enhances a man's wardrobe with a touch of sophistication and bold style.
Linen Blend Casual Shirt in Smart Fit Windsor Collar


  • Pure White
  • Terracotta Red
  • Mossy Slate
  • Mystic Lavender
  • +1
Dry 2 Tone Shirt in Smart Fit Windsor Collar


  • Lavender Frost
  • Hawkes Blue
Non-Iron Cotton Stretch Textured Shirt in Smart Fit Windsor Collar


  • Tranquil Silver
  • Pure White
  • Azure Zephyr

Adopting the Windsor/Cutaway Collar elevates your formal attire, emphasizing a strong, confident silhouette. It's designed for those special moments where making an impression is key, blending seamlessly with tailored suits for a distinguished look.

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